- Video Codecs and Pixel Formats

IMC1 yuv pixel format

IMC1 layoutSimilar to YV12, this format comprises an NxN Y plane followed by (N/2)x(N/2) U and V planes. The U and V planes have the same stride as the Y plane and are restricted to start on 16 line boundaries.

  Horizontal Vertical
Y Sample Period 1 1
V (Cr) Sample Period 2 2
U (Cb) Sample Period 2 2

Microsoft defines this format as follows:

 "The same as YV12, except that the stride of the Cb and Cr planes is the same as the stride in the Y plane. The Cb and Cr planes are also restricted to fall on memory boundaries that are a multiple of 16 lines (a restriction that has no effect on usage for the standard formats, since the standards all use 16�16 macroblocks)."

Based on: YV12

Duplicate formats: IMC3

Child formats: IMC2